The Best Gift is Your Last Gift

Digital Program:

  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing you and your family will be protected from unnecessary financial loss when the unexpected happens.
  • Experience relief when you learn how to identify critical documents so nothing important gets overlooked.
  • Know your plan is solid and eliminate painful, costly unintended consequences.
  • Gain confidence that the relationships of those you love most will not be put at risk when the unexpected happens.
  • Learn how to pick the right people for the right jobs and give them the right tools.
  • Discover how to organize your affairs so you can review and update them with ease.

An easy, proven, 7-step process for single adults, married couples, aging parents...anyone who wants to protect those they love most.  

In 60 Days or LESS You Can be Confident Knowing Your Family is Protected Because Your Affairs are in Order!

Step #1: ASSETS

Learn how to build your Master List of Assets -  the starting point for a successful plan.  You will save time, money and stress when you meet with an Estate Attorney, Financial Planner or Accountant.


Make proper designations to keep relationships in tact and avoid major financial loss.  Find out how this critical, but often overlooked, information makes your plan succeed or fail.  


A will is not what you probably think it is!  Protect yourself and your family by understanding the different legal structures.   Discover how to avoid costly mistakes that put unnecessary stress on yourself and those you love most.

Step #4: POAs

Protect yourself with Powers of Attorney documents when you cannot protect yourself.  Learn how to pick the right people and give them the right information so your wishes will be carried out if you become incapacitated. 


Avoid getting locked out of accounts.   Discover the critical information you need to capture so accounts can be accessed in your loved ones absence.


Relief and comfort are yours when you know you will be okay if the unexpected happens.  Learn how to determine if your plan works and the steps to take to make it better.  


Spare your loved ones the stress of trying to honor your wishes without knowing what they are.  Discover what decisions to make and how to communicate them about your funeral and celebration of life party.  Go out with a bang!


Congratulations!  You have just wrapped your Best Gift!  Now you know you and your family are protected when the unexpected happens.  Learn what information needs to go to who and the way it should be delivered.  


Gain Confidence by Knowing You and Your Family are Protected...

With an Easy, Proven, Step-By-Step Digital Program based on the #1 Best Selling Book "The Best Gift is Your Last Gift".

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Dr. Daniel V. Strelcheck Jr.

“I am 54 years old and thought it was a good time in my life to readdress my affairs considering all the changes that had occurred. I am so busy running my practice that the thought of getting my affairs in order was overwhelming. Dawn made a tedious, overwhelming job easy. She managed the process so that I had bite-sized to dos and didn’t have to think about everything at once. I am relieved to know my affairs are in order so that when the unexpected happens, my family is in the best possible position to maintain their current lifestyle and relationships. I would’ve never finished all of this by myself.”

DISCLAIMER: Every effort has been taken to accurately represent this product and its potential to help you get your affairs in order.  Your level of success is dependent upon the advice you seek from your estate attorney, financial planner and accountant in addition to the completion of this course.  Failure to seek advice from qualified individuals could result in financial and relational loss.  This program does not offer legal or financial advice.